Center for Security Studies “CENSS”.

23rd May 2022

09:00 – 18:00

Mon. – Fri.


st. Mechnikov,

10/2, of. 25, Kyiv

Areas of activities


is a research and expert non-governmental organization specializing in following issues:

  • international and national security;
  • assessment of the state of resilience/fragility of society, its vulnerability to external and internal threats, including in political, economic, socio-cultural, informational and other spheres;
  • identification of factors that may cause/stress political and other group conflicts, lead to the fragmentation of society, increasing tension in it both in general and in its individual parts (communities);
  • developing new and assessing existing strategies and responses to existing threats;
    early identification of potential threats to resilience of society, assessment of their level and awareness of such threats;
  • developing new and assessing existing strategies and activities for conflict prevention, conflict management, mediation and post-conflict resolution and other conflict-related issues.