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Why is inclusiveness important for the recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine? What is the meaning of inclusive recovery? What to expect from the Ukrainian Recovery Conference 2024 in Berlin?

Civil society experts, representatives of Ukrainian and international organisations and foreign governmental organisations, and experts working on inclusive recovery initiated the conference «Inclusive recovery and reconstruction», which is a side event of the Ukrainian Recovery Conference Berlin and take place 10th of June in Berlin with the support of the Swedish governmental organisation Folke Bernadotte Academy.
During the preparation for the event we recorded in this video the quotes of the initiators and experts about their goals and expectations from the conference.
Initiators: Eastern Europe Foundation (EEF), Ukrainian Community of Dialogue Practitioners and the Rule of Law network of organisations: Fama Sociological Agency, CENSS Centre for Security Studies, Ukrainian Association of Women Judges (UAWJ) and the Centre for Legal Civic Initiatives.
Viktoria Voronina, Executive Director, Center for Security Studies CENSS/Rule of Law
Sergio Jaramillo, High Commissioner for Peace and National Security Advisor to the President of Colombia
Stanislava Topchii, Senior Research Analyst, Fama – Custom Research Agency
Olena Kukhar, Chief Coordinator, Ukrainian Community of Dialogue PractitionersUkrainian Community of Dialogue Practitioners
Eldridge Adolfo, Senior Mediation Advisor, Folke Bernadotte Academy
Natalia Bezkhlibna, Head of Secretariat, Ukrainian Community of Dialogue Practitioners
Emmicki Roos, Senior Women, Peace, and Security Expert
Victor Liakh, President, Фонд Східна Європа (East Europe Foundation)
Ilona Khmelova, Head of Socio-Political and International Advocacy, East Europe Foundation
Alyona Gorova, Member, Ukrainian Community of Dialogue Practitioners
Mark Muller Stuart, United Nations Adviser and Professor of Practice at the London
Ustyna Novytska, Program Assistant, East Europe Foundation
Olesya Luchkovska, Program Coordinator, East Europe Foundation