Вадим Черниш про причини та загрози акцій протесту підприємців у регіонах

Аналізуючи причини протестів підприємців Голова Керівної ради «СЕНСС» Вадим Черниш зазначив, що протестні акції з вимогами відкрити ринки були спонтанними, втім ці організовані групи протестувальників можуть згодом проявляти активність і в інших акціях протесту. Вирівняти ситуацію допоможе лише діалог влади з невдоволеними та створення умов роботи для усіх. Детальніше

Russian disinformation about coronavirus is repetition of Soviet theses about AIDS

While scientists are trying to develop vaccines against the coronavirus and understand how to overcome it, the Russian mass media and bot factories are conducting a targeted campaign to convince the world that coronavirus has been specially developed by American scientists. “They say that it’s one of the weapons developed by NATO. All fake news is built by the same pattern: the virus is a development of American scientists, aimed at the leadership of the United States in the world. In fact, they “cover” messages aimed at destabilizing the situation in the United States and the European Union, and they have been trying to “tie” the status of “failed state” to Ukraine not for the first time,” noted Vadym Chernysh, the Head of the Governing Council of the CENSS Center for Security Studies.


When problems in the health system become a threat to national security (COVID-19 case)

Undoubtedly, the early detection and rapid response to coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (hereinafter referred to as “coronavirus”) is a matter of national security.

According to reports of the South China Morning Post, the first case of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, can be traced back to November 17, 2019, according to the data of the People’s Republic of China. The coronavirus and the disease became widely known around the world already in December.