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In 2019“ABC… The terminology of Armed Conflict (Guidebook for Ukraine)” has been developed on the initiative and under the general coordination of Vadym Chernysh, who is now the Head of the Governing Council of the Center.

The authors of the guidebook were Vadym Chernysh (the Minister for Temporarily Occupied Territories and IDPs in the period from 2016 till 2019), his international advisors and consultants, with the participation of MTOT staff.  The development of the guidebook was made possible through the financial assistance of the Swiss Confederation. The guidebook was first presented in July 2019.

The guidebook has been developed to assist in the work of as journalists, non-governmental actors, so government officials and politicians. Ukraine appreciates European values, so the authors of the guidebook catered to international humanitarian law based on respect for human rights.

The guidebook contains explanations of the definitions of international humanitarian law, but also includes new terminology on armed conflict and Russian military aggression. It is important to note that the terminology outlined in the guidebook is based on the Ukrainian legislation adopted after 2014 and International Humanitarian Law.

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